Licensee Solutions' commercial services offering

Licensee Solutions is delighted that Steve Maccora is working with us.  Steve brings his wealth of experience in the financial services industry to our clients.  Through presentations, consultations and the facilitation of planning days, Steve has enabled numerous financial services businesses to improve and expand their enterprise.   Steve's abilities in recognising and developing talent, knowledge of current financial sentiments and awareness of clients' mindsets has been a core ingredient in his success.


With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Steve has had a significant impact in the training of financial advisers and was a Lead Lecturer at Finsia for many years.  Steve is also a Senior Fellow of Finsia, having served for many years on the Regional Council, a number of which as Vice Chairman.

Recent Work

Steve's work with Licensee Solutions is to provide guidance to financial services practitioners to excel in their business.  Steve has an interest in getting to know his clients’ businesses and identifying methods to improve the bottom line.

Recently, Steve assisted a group of individuals consisting of both young and experienced practitioners in growing their businesses.  After spending some time with each individual, Steve provided guidance on establishing a business plan and an activity plan.  These plans consist of targets and objectives that each individual would strive to achieve.  This is a structured approach and provides the individuals with measurable targets.

In addition to creating a business plan and an activity plan, Steve also identified that the group would benefit from training in presentation and closing skills and cross-marketing skills, including the ability to obtain professional referrals.  In this instance, Steve assisted in creating a presentation for the individuals to use when speaking to centres of influence (e.g. accountants and mortgage brokers).

Steve's passion for sharing his knowledge and developing young talent is evident in the manner and content of his presentations.  Steve works proactively with financial services businesses and ensures that his work caters to their exact needs and standards by individually tailoring the process to their needs.  He believes that in order to achieve success in the industry, a financial services business must act in its clients' best interests and engage with tits clients on a personal level.


It is clear that in today's challenging times, all of the practitioners in your office need to have excellent interpersonal skills, to enable your firm to compete.  All of us can improve our soft skills.  We are particularly hearing from our clients that many younger practitioners have strong technical skills, but may not have developed their client skills in the same way.

Offer to Our Clients

We are making a special offer to clients of Halsey Legal Services and Licensee Solutions.  Once a month, Steve will be running a one and a half hour workshop relating to soft skills.  Numbers will be very limited to enable full participation by attendees.  If you would like to attend, or one of your staff to attend, please contact us at

There will be no charge for these workshops to our existing clients.