Set-up your own managed fund or property syndicate


Would you like to operate your own managed fund or property syndicate?  Halseys can help you set-up an unregistered managed investment scheme (MIS) in as little as 2 weeks, as part of our streamlined MIS offering.  Our MIS package includes the following:

  1. We will provide you with a comprehensive data collection form to find out all about the managed fund or property syndicate you wish to establish.
  2. We will use the information you give us to draft:
    1. an information memorandum;
    2. a unit trust deed;
    3. an authorisation agreement (a corporate authorised representative agreement or an intermediary authorisation agreement, depending on your requirements); and
    4. a fund management agreement.


Our streamlined MIS offering is designed to produce a timely and cost-effective result.  If you already hold an AFSL, or you are being authorised by another AFSL, it is possible to complete the legal establishment process in 2 weeks for an unregistered scheme.

For further information, please contact Fiona Halsey on 08 9381 2914 or at

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